What Is a Feasibility Study?

June 5, 2018

Think of a feasibility study as a business plan with backup. Instead of just creating a 15 page business plan with all your hopes and dreams… you research and find backup for each section of a feasibility study. How big is your target market… with proof; how much can you charge… with proof; what are the needs and trends… with proof.

Here is a table of contents for a standard feasibly study. Keep in mind studies on certain businesses might have more information than this. For instance, hotels add things like occupancy rates and store fronts add things like traffic counts.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Customer Problem

Product/Service Description

Current Business Position

Financial Potential

The Request

Company Background

Business Description

Company History

Current Position and Business Objectives

Ownership/Legal Structure


Product Overview

Substitute Analysis

Suppliers and Inventory

Research and Development


Service Descriptions

Substitute Analysis

Service Delivery

Research and Development

Industry, Market, and Competition

Industry Definition

Market Size and Demographics

Market Trends

Market Growth

Target Market

Customer Profile


Marketing Plan

Competitive Advantage

Keys to Success

Critical Issues


Distribution Channels

Promotional Plan


Operating Plan



Operating Equipment

Suppliers and Vendors

Personnel Plan

General Operations

Management, Organization and Ownership


Organizational Structure

Professional Consultants

Ownership and Boards

Goals and Strategies

Business Goals

Future Plans

Contingency Plans

Financial Assumptions


Financial Summary

Work Cited