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June 5, 2018

Tony Collica was referred to us by his MBA friend who had done work with Capacity. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Tony came up with a mobile app called ZPC or Zombie Preparedness Course.

ZPC was developed to motivate by utilizing an individual’s biometric data (input by user) and a physical fitness exam that calculates a nutritional program for optimized weight loss as well as an intense, HIIT, bodyweight (plyometric, calisthenics, isometrics) exercise program. This program is proven to reduce overall body fat composition as well as the growth of lean muscle mass, while being motivated by chasing zombies.

Tony needed capital, a plan of action, and some help navigating the various pitfalls and people who seemed to prevent him from moving forward vs. help him.

Capacity was engaged to assist with a full feasibility study, financial projections, valuation, and roll play to prepare Tony to have meaningful conversations with potential investors.

Tony has been able to bring in more friends and family investors, as well as partner with Stage6 Media, on an upcoming crowd funding campaign. He has also successfully thwarted numerous scam investors (with the help of a qualified attorney).