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A 6 Year Relationship of Success with BreakthroughM2

June 5, 2018

Nanette and Brian DeGroat lost 50lbs and 72lbs in a little over 2 months. The best part is 2 years later they are still in great shape. They did it using a metabolic method that has been used for over 60 years, and is completely safe for all people including diabetics, vegetarians, and gastric bypass patients. This method properly combines natural supplements, protein, vegetables, and fruit to burn ½ to 1 pound of toxic abnormal fat per day.

With such great results they started their own company Breakthrough M2, to teach others how to achieve the same amazing results. After their first year of business they joined the Orange County Chamber of Commerce where they met Eric Egeland of Capacity Consulting.

The timing couldn’t have been better as Breakthrough M2 was growing so fast Nan and Brian needed help. They were a little overwhelmed by the success and especially the trepidation of one of them needing to quit their day job. Should they? Was it the right time? What if one quit and the business slowed down?

They ended up hiring Capacity to first determine if Nan, a teacher, could concentrate on Breakthrough full time and not go back to school in September. The research and projections said she could quit her job but also clarified the potential Nan and Brian always thought was there. Capacity was hired again the following year to do a full strategic growth and operational plan so Breakthrough M2 knew when, how much, and how to expand.

Less than a year later Breakthrough M2 had a new supplier and a great new space including a showcase for their numerous products, a training facility for group sessions, a counseling room, and of course an office for Nan to keep track of the growth and keep helping more people lose weight permanently.

In 2017 Capacity was brought in again to help with growth and operational expansion. A new business plan was done to focus on perfecting their growing multi-state distribution network. A monthly advisory engagement was entered into mostly focusing on ongoing budgeting and CFO level assistance (vs. hiring a full time CFO). A strategic marketing plan was done and Capacity is overseeing the marketing plan and budget to ensure proper execution and return on investment.

BreakthroughM2 is in an even bigger space in Montgomery and has just launched a fabulous new website that their clients can use to track their progress, buy approved products, keep in touch with their coaches, and have access to all new wellness services.